3 Money principles to boost your bank account

So, make money work for you. This idea doesn’t just go for entrepreneurs and investors, it goes for everyone. The idea is that most people go to work for 8 hours a day and they sell themselves with an average of $10 an hour. More money More hours and also usually get a tax cut anyways.

The solution of this cycle is to make money work for you. While earning $10 per hour you can make a video that earns $10 in month.Think about it, even if it makes 8 hours to make a video that earns $10 a month. That calculates to 1 hour = $1. Over a year your video will earn $120 with no maintenance work and you sat back drinking lemonade or working on making videos. This $120 for an 8 hour video just calculated the 1 hour = $15 of your life.

Tip number 1: Use your money to invest in things that doesn’t require much upkeep but do have an unlimited earning potential.

The second principle is to do with what provides you with the highest value. From my stand point , writing this blog offered me immense freedom and will surely provide monetary wealth. Whats the point of earning that tonne of money if you can’t actually enjoy earning it. The secret is to find an activity that you enjoy doing but also paying the highest pay per hour of your time. I love to drive my car and i loved to cuddle my girlfriend but it doesn’t offer me any monetary wealth. So i have to spent a large portion of my time doing something that earns me money. In turn,it gives me freedom to work my own hours and have all the time to do those things mention before (driving and cuddling).
Do what maximizes the value provided in your life in the long run, including happiness.

The last principle is to invest in yourself.For you to earn money you have to offer value. You give and you get. you want more you have to give more. And how do you give more? you have to invest in yourself. The simple way to do this is to read books. They give you valuable ideas and uses leverage for potential business deals. Another great way o leverage is to improve your communication and social skills. I can promise you that increasing the social value can have highest returns in any investment you will ever make in life. Living an extra 20 years because of good health decision is a prime example. Its never too late to start.

So to recap .
Use your money to invest in things which don’t require much upkeep but do have an unlimited earning potential.
And also do what provides you with maximum value including freedom and happiness.
And investing in yourself is the highest all over product out there.

I hope you liked it.


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