How to become a master of any skill

There was a boy who use to steal his father’s papers and would go out on woods and draw everything he saw from flowers to rivers to mountains. Even went on drawing when it was raining and snowing. He had no teachers to teach him how to draw and there were no paintings to look at. Over the years, he started to observe his drawing and notices that some of the flowers changed , some of the stuff grew and transformed , he thought that something forced this transformation . This little boy was Leonardo Da Vinci. In his book “Mastery” Robert green says that this transformation can be inside in everyone of us and its called mastery.

It’s not something we are born with like talent , instead it is something like we can create like skill. You see we all seek to get rich quick , but the best profit is mastery. He basically says that mastery is when it becomes second nature when it becomes part of your nervous system . To achieve mastery we have to find purpose. With your purpose you can achieve mastery very quickly. Robert green says that it takes 20,000 hours to achieve mastery . Mastery is perfect clarity in any field that you are working. Its when intuition becomes better than logic. In short like when a firefighter gets in house and feels that something is wrong so he comes out and the floor collapses. Its because he is been a firefighter for 20 years and he knew that there was something different , he couldn’t feel you what but he knew that something was different by his intuition.

Robert says that the best step to become a master is that find a mentor when you are young.You can learn something in hour by them instead of teaching a day by yourself. You see everyone make mistakes but there is no rule that this mistake have to be yours. The purpose of apprehend ship is to transform your mind , like Leonardo DA vinci saw in flowers. You need to focus on learning and making yourself better and making your mind stronger.

Robert green also says some people also develop learning disabilities at a young age. He says you should always stay inferior and humble knowing that there will always be something more to learn.

There’s a psychological effect called the “DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT” which is when an unskilled person suffers illusory superiority when they asses their own abilities much higher than what they can actually do. It;s like a learning curve. If you get little bit in to learning curve ,you automatically think that you know everything about a skill. Don’t fall victim to this bias. Robert green says The future belongs to the person who learns many skills and combines them to create a voice.He also says you will hit a cycle of accelerated returns and this is when the practice becomes easier and interesting. If you are lucky you may enter in a flow state which is a book i will cover in a little bit.

The one thing i wanna talk about is everyone becomes a master. No matter what you do in next 5-10 years you are going to be a master at it. May be master in tolerating more alcohol or riding a unicycle or catching up a gossip and reading body language or developing networking opportunities.

I hope you liked it and and enjoyed it.


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