Make Money from your Passion

I recently read this book “Why now is the time to crush it? Cash in on your passion. “.by -Gary Vay Ner Chuk

He is one of those entrepreneurs who has discovered the secret to combining  passion with business. He is always an inspiration and always entertaining. You owe it to yourself to read  this book !

When Gary was 8 years old , he already owned seven lemonade stands . His entrepreneurship is in blood . In middle school he was trading baseball cards. By the time he started  working in his father’s wine business , he had $30,000 in his pocket from selling baseball cards. Between the ages of 14 and 16 , he worked bagging ice and dusting shelves in the seller of his father’s business. When it came time to graduate, he applied and got accepted to Mount IDA College. In September 1997 (My birth Month) he discovered the internet. Two years later he setup In 1994, his father’s wine business was averaging $30 million in sales. In 1998,it was averaging $10 million dollars. In 2001 it was averaging $20 million dollars. In 2004, it jumped up to $60 million dollars. This is in sales not in profit.

In his book, he first talks about that you need to find a passion and build your plan, and this could be literally anything from taking images of nature to even eating Cheetos. Lets say, you really like taking pictures of Cheetos and you come up with a creative way for them to look like something(mini art) , you do it for about 3 years and someone finds your page and you end up getting the work for cheetos fulltime , being a social media marketer. On a normal day , most people work for 8 hours in a day at a 9-5 hour job. They also spend 8 hours sleeping. This gives them 8 waking hours to build them personal brand . He says one of the best way to do this is to create great content.You need another product and the feel you are in better than anyone else. Start reading as many books as you can. Watch as many YouTube videos as you can . Learning and talking to people who know about it so that you can become the best of the best and above than everyone else. This is how you become valuable .5175bb302887e-interview-with-gary-vaynerchuk-social-media-visionary-30

You will also have to learn to tell a story. People loves story more than facts  because emotions sell. He also suggests to learn each medium which fits your DNA. Does writing fit your DNA? or audio or creating a video? or even taking images. If writing is in your DNA then you can write blog or websites.If audio is in your DNA then you can create a podcast or a soundcloud. If you enjoy making videos ,  you can post on YouTube or Twitch.This is very important in finding a medium. For him, he hires people out to create content for him that fit their medium. His personal medium is YouTube but he created this book by compiling a whole bunch of speeches and talk set he has given , to turn them into this book. That’s pretty amazing itself.

Another big role is that you have to keep it authentic. Imagine if there was a real estate agent who is known for being real , you will walk into the house and they say “this house has a lot of problems actually , the floor needs replaced it has a lot of mold and the pipes are gone bad. Instead of selling a crappy house for great price . This real state agent will get big real quick for being so authentic. He says authenticity is everything.

He says that now we are living in an age  when anyone can make a living  by hustling and with their hard work , this means you have to hustle and you have to put in the work , you have that 8 hours a day to do whatever you want , if you are working in a 8 hour job. Most people don’t even sleep for 8 hours so they got more than 8 hours. I am hustling i am putting more content with more quantity and quality than my competitors because i want a win. This means from working 7 pm to 2 am in the morning if you have to . And lastly Gary says that you must have a great deal of patience . You must be dedicated and patient in the long run . Just like the YouTube channel “Charisma on Command” , like for the first year he put off videos , he hardly got anything and then in last 2 or 3 months his channel blew up. The thing is if you are happy and passionate about what you are doing unless and why you have to find your passion then this patience will become very easy .pp91412

Anyways this book is pretty small but it was an amazing read . I suggest you to reading it if you are an entrepreneur or you want to become one of them and make money out of your passion.

Basically the big tip about this book is to create  content  and what you love doing  and eventually promoters and people will come find you . Anyways i hope you enjoyed reading this and you learned something. If you did click the like button and follow the blog.


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